Sustainable Green Tin Packaging

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Steel Tins are the most popular recycled packaging.

Our decorative custom tin containers, are all made from tin-plated steel are 100% recyclable. Steel metal is vital to a modern, sustainable society.

Steel’s contributions to helping achieve the triple bottom line of environmental, economic and societal sustainability make it vital to achieving the needs of today without impacting society’s ability to meet the needs of the future.

Steel tin containers are a sustainable, eco-friendly packaging trend that is now becoming more of a movement. This is very apparent in the cultural shift in consumer thinking as consumers now expect companies to be socially and environmentally responsible. In fact, 75% of consumers across 60 countries say they are willing to pay more for products and services from socially and environmentally conscious companies. Not only are tin containers functional, resealable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing, they are able to be reused and recycled. Tin packaging is becoming popular across many industries, from cosmetic to confections, tea to toys, tin packaging is being used for its versatile eco-friendly nature.

Facts about Our Packaging:

  • Recycling our products uses 60% less energy than making new.
  • Our products' steel is easily separated from other waste with a magnet.
  • There are thousands of scrap steel processors worldwide that recycle our products.
  • Each year, more steel is recycled than glass, paper, aluminum and plastic combined.

GTS has put environmental policies in place for all aspects of the business. Assessing environmental impact plays a tremendous role in day-to-day operations with the products GTS produces and extends to manufacturing procedures, facilities management, personnel management, training, procurement of raw goods and energy consumption.

Metal cans are a smart and responsible solution to the ever-increasing consumer demand for green products and eco-friendly packaging.

Using recycled steel also saves energy compared to production from virgin raw materials.

Sustainable Green Paper Tube

Our commitment to sustainable packaging starts from the moment you select a designer container from GTS Packaging Solutions.

The paperboard used to make all our containers either meets SFI standards or is up to 100% recycled, with up to 95% post-consumer content.

GTS Packaging Solutions have provided eco-friendly packaging solutions to customers in diverse markets ranging from cosmetics and personal care to gourmet food and point of purchase retail. We understand that packaging choices speak volumes about your company’s commitment to sustainability, and this in turn resonates with your customers.

Sustainability is about ensuring a better quality of life for both people and our planet – not only for today, but for future generations. As such, we believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers with the most environmentally friendly products on the market. This mentality serves our global customers well when it comes to both their bottom lines and meeting their corporate sustainability goals.

We understand that what we do today will affect the generations of tomorrow. At GTS we are committed to a workplace that focuses on sustainability... In our plant, the office and our supply chain.