Design & Manufacturing

Our design staff is here to work with your team to create your custom packaging.

Our Design Process

GTS Packaging Solutions takes a collaborative approach to the manufacturing and creative process that delivers custom product packaging. Our creative team provides a seamless transition from concept design through mass production by leading your brand through the process. Having designed many of our packaging manufacturing processes from the ground up, we are able to produce within the manufacturing mindset.

Creating an eye-catching packaging design that suits the product, stands out on crowded shelves and doesn’t cost a fortune to produce is a real challenge. GTS has been working to perfect these processes for over 2 decades and offers top quality product at aggressive price points.

Packaging is a form of branding and when done correctly and creatively, is ultimately what sells your product. It’s more than just putting your logo on a package, your packaging draws attention and sends a message that makes consumers feel a certain way. In the world of retail packaging, effective design is everything. It both enhances brand image and ensures a consistent consumer experience across the board.

Combining the “look and feel” talents of our graphic design team with the “form and function” leadership of our structural engineering group gives you the best of both worlds and results in sales-lifting, cost-driving performance.

Samples of Our Work


You need a product that satisfies a range of practical, aesthetic and economic needs, and whether you know precisely what you want upfront, or would like design assistance and advice from knowledgeable and experienced people in the field, you’re in the right place with GTS.

We possess the equipment, capabilities and staff needed to deliver top quality, flexibility and constant innovation for each customer. Manufacturing your packaging allows for the production of the right-sized product, every time.

If you’re looking to perfect your manufacturing company’s approach to packaging, our team of experts is ready to discuss your options.

We offer many types of behind the scenes assistance to ensure the product is launched on time and to the outmost expectation of the customer. We offer a wide range of support including packaging management.

We won’t prescribe a generic solution to your company’s specific needs. Instead, we’ll help you identify and understand those needs, and then work towards a solution. We choose accuracy over a quick fix every time.

GTS Packaging Solutions recognizes that manufacturers need a partner who will help identify opportunities for improvement and introduce solutions designed to meet specific goals. Our state-of- the-art automation can help you improve efficiencies and quality, maintain compliance with labor and safety regulations, and also help minimize waste, inventory and overall costs.

GTS Packaging Solutions prides itself in being a diverse offering manufacturer. We can offer retailers different kinds of retail formats including individually wrapped packages, bag in a box, tray packs, and bulk products. We work closely with our customers and remain open minded about new packaging options.

Respectful of the environment, we avoid overwrapping and prioritize the use of recycled materials. We are also involved in offering our customers a variety of Retail Ready Packaging options, a trend that promotes the use of less packaging and also allows the retailer to merchandise more effectively with less overhead.

GTS Packaging Solutions has built a responsive, efficient, and caring customer service and sales support team that provides our customers with the service that they expect and we feel they deserve. We strive to maintain one of the highest service levels in the industry and have established successful customer relationships. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is underscored by the devotion of our employees and guidance of our leadership team.

Want to work with us?

Let’s talk about your project. Elevate your brand and increase product sales with custom packaging. Your ideas, our solutions!


Want to work with us?

Let’s talk about your project. Elevate your brand and increase product sales with custom packaging. Your ideas, our solutions!