At GTS Packaging Solutions, our process is a well managed 4 stage process from concept to receipt of your finished product. Below is an overview of the stages:

Stage One – Initial Project Discussions and Quotation

About GTS Packaging Solutions

The first step is an initial conversation with us – Its Free! During that discussion, our team of experts will work with you to find out all the information and we want to hear about your objectives – the what, how and where of product sales. These and other questions will allow us to recommend types of packages that could support your goals.

From that call, we can make initial suggestions on the type of package that would be suitable (tins, tubes, boxes or pouches). The next step would be to provide a quotation for your project.

We then have a follow up call or meeting to review the proposal where we can clarify points and provide advice if the estimate raises additional points of need.

We take the time to answer your questions and provide additional information so you have everything you need to make a quality decision. We hope the decision is to enlist GTS to create your professional package design.

Stage Two – Account Setup

Once the Purchase Order is rendered, our accounting team will invoice you for the deposit and set you up as a customer. You will work with them for all money transactions and also billing and shipping of your product throughout the process.

Stage Three – Design and Collaboration

Now the collaboration begins when you provide all the details, product description, goals, demographics and more…

  • Product details: features, benefits… The what, where and why of your project
  • Audience profile: Define your audience: primary, secondary and fringe.
  • Your likes and dislikes of other packaging designs.

Communication is essential to success of the project, so the more information the better our understanding of your project will be.

We can recommend a Creative Director to manage your project. In order to create the packaging we need a product in hand most importantly to create the proper size package. We work with its size, color and weight. It allows us to accurately size the package.

Then we will develop the Pre- production sample for your approval to go into mass production.

Stage Four – Production and Logistics

Mass production typically takes about 30-40 days depending on the type of packaging you’re using for your product. We have a 3rd party auditor come to our facility and make sure the goods are exactly like the pre-production samples you approved and are packed properly before shipment to the port. Our logistics team will take over from there to get your goods on the ocean and clear customs when it arrives at the port-of-call. Then it will be trucked to your warehouse and all your ideas become reality with receipt of your product!